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There are a few things which make hill climb racing 2 better than hill climb racing but among the most amazing and noticeable distinction is the new and enhanced game play. All the same principal rules and hacks that I have gone over at various places in the website of hill climb racing apply to hill climb racing 2 also. But worry not, I will do a fast overview of the hill climb racing cheats which apply to hill climb racing 2, too.


So the other thing that is quite critical if you seriously want to make unlimited gems in hill climb racing 2 is how you will need to constantly upgrade your car or truck and fuel. Now you’re competing with a lot of different cars so just handling your gas pedal and brakes isn’t enough. You also have to be certain that you’re collecting the gems quicker than your other competitors so you can now upgrade your vehicle. Try to keep your speed as fast possible in this game as this is essentially a race in which you’ve got to be certain that you’re winning and leave others behind. But as you’re speeding away also do not forget to brake every now and then to prevent your automobile from moving into a kickflip. 1 other thing you constantly have to track is your vehicle. Let’s discuss one of the most significant vehicle upgrades, your motor update. The moment you get your engine update, do not think that alone is sufficient. You will need to be certain that the engine keeps getting updated in order to make your vehicle go higher and higher. If the update in the engine still does not permit you to get large enough, then perhaps you will need to turn your attention towards your wheels and tires. The engine isn’t the sole thing which will enable you to go higher, you want to upgrade your brakes too.



The most important rule is that you will need to discover the ideal balance between acceleration and brakes in hill climb racing two also. The game play is different but the main topic of the game is exactly the same, to control your automobile and also to collect as many gems as you can. Avoid over speeding particularly if you’re going downhill. The other thing which you will need to take care of is the fact that in hill climb racing two, you’ve got other drivers and vehicles competing with you also. Moreover, you need to be very careful about the brakes and begin braking in advance because you have a great deal of competition in this one. Maintaining just the perfect mix of your brakes and your gas pedal is quite crucial because anybody can easily conquer you. You’ve got to be very careful and try not to allow any other vehicle overtake you since once somebody does, it can get very tough to recoup your spot in the competitors.



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