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INCREDIBLE book! Great for Christians and those in these categories- which is everyone! I would recommend this over and over again - so insightful and an easy read with lots of great wisdom and thoughts to consider sand ponder




Hearing Ben preach weekly at Breakaway throughout my college experience helped me grow tremendously in my walk with the Lord. He is one of the best speakers that I have ever heard and committed to pointing others to truth. I was so excited to read Single, Dating, Engaged, Married... and he totally came through. His honesty and truth from the Bible are so encouraging and helpful for navigating all of the stages of life from singleness to marriage. I highly recommend it for anyone pursuing the Lord, and it is an incredible resource for small groups to study and discuss together.


Elyse McKinney

Incredible resource!

This author writes as though he’s talking to us across the table over coffee with compassion, wisdom, Scripture, & practical life application. Every person who influences others should read this; as well as those seeking wisdom on singleness, dating, engagement, & marriage.


Amy L Stewart

Best book on relationships I’ve ever read!

This book will make you laugh out loud, challenge you, and bring you to tears. Worth it. Buy it and share it. The world needs healthy love.




Docklands Convention